Friday, November 9, 2018

Welcome to #EllChat_BkClub!

Interested in participating in #EllChat_BkClub? 

Take a peek a this quick video by Tan Huynh

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Jess Bell and Carlota Holder

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners

Welcome to Round 14!!!

For anyone who is new, this is the post where you will find all the info you to need to participate in this chat.

I will post weekly questions on Twitter and I will link them all here. 

Week 1 Questions
Week 2 Questions 
Week 3 Questions
Week 4 Questions
Week 5 Questions

Use our hashtag #Ellchat_BkClub and #TESOL6Ps. If you choose to respond to the weekly questions, please identify which one you’re responding to in your tweet (2A1, 2A2) Please note: The number before the Q indicates which week of the chat we are in, so 2A1 would indicate the answer to question 1 from week 2. Remember that you are not limited to these questions. Post a pic of your highlighted text, your favorite quotes, meaningful ideas, book snaps, or your own questions. Post anytime this week and search our # to see what others are saying!

Grab the visual Tan created to keep track of your biggest takeaways from the book! You can share a screenshot of it each week as you document your learning from each of the 6 principles. 

Graphic Organizer

Please take a moment to introduce yourself on our Flipgrid. We are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new ones too! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

EL Excellence Everday

Saturday July 21st kicks off #EllChat_BkClub 13.0! We will be reading EL Excellence Every Day
 Tonya Ward Singer

I read EL Excellence a few months back and I am confident that you will LOVE it just as much as I do. It is an amazingly informative, user-friendly text that will likely become one of your "go-to" resources when you are planning lessons, striving to use best practices for ELs, and/or supporting your colleagues to better understand the needs of English learners.

The round 13 chat will go on for 5 weeks and our reading schedule is as follows:

I will tweet out questions for each week's reading and will include links to the questions here on this post as well so you can easily find all the questions in one location.

Week 1 Questions
Week 2 Questions
Week 3 Questions
Week 4 Questions

If you will be joining us in reading EL Excellence, please introduce yourself on our Flipgrid!

Password: ELExcellence

Friday, July 13, 2018


We are excited to kick off our first ever #EllChat_BkClub technology challenge. Sarah Said suggested we add technology challenges/discussions throughout the year, so I brought her on as the official #EllChat_BkClub Technology Coordinator. 

During this week-long slow chat between book rounds, we are going to explore and discuss the app Seesaw. Some of us have committed to obtaining Seesaw Ambassador status by completing their the 3-hour training course, so we can also discuss and reflect on that experience and what we've learned.
 Sarah and I both recently became Ambassadors! (woot!)

First things first...Introductions!
Please introduce yourself on our #Seesaw4ELs Flipgrid so we can get to know our group. 

The password is Seesaw4ELs

Please feel free to answer some/all of these questions at your own pace. 
We are using the hashtags #EllChat_BkClub and #Seesaw4ELs for this round. 

Link to Questions

We are planning a LIVE Google Hangout, but the date/time are still TBD. Hope you can join us! 

Friday, June 15, 2018


Hi everyone! We are ready to kick off #ElChat_BkClub 12.0 with our second novel, Refugee. This is an amazing story of three different refugee characters that I just know you will love! Once you get started, it's hard to put down. I put together a short video with info about this round and how it will work. I am recapping it here, so it's easy to access and all in once place. 

Video Highlights: 
  • Candyland game board-mark a space each time you answer a question or tweet about the book. Thanks to Tan and Rochelle for all the hard work creating the game board! 
  • I divided the book into four sections and we are reading about 75 pages each week. 
  • Weekly virtual coffee chats on Wednesdays or Thursdays...let me know if you'd like to join! 
  • Thanks to Rochelle Verstaendig, Michelle Makus Shory, Chris Tennyson, and Brandy Sue Alexander for volunteering to write questions for the chat. 
  • Questions will be posted on Friday for the following week.

Introduce yourself on our Flipgrid. Password is Refugee12.0Summer

Keep checking back to this post because I will be adding links to questions for each week as we go. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

LIVE with Erika Sanchez!

Check out our LIVE chat with author of I'm Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, Erika Sanchez. 

Special thanks to Carlota Holder and Jess Bell for setting this up!


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Welcome to 10.0...our first novel!!

We are officially kicking off round 10 
(I can't believe we are on ROUND TEN!!!) 
March 10th. 

If you are joining us for the first time, welcome! We are so excited to expand our circle of friends and this amazing PLN! If you are a returning participant, I am so glad you're back!!

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter will be our first #EllChat_BkClub novel. If you take a peek along the righthand side of the screen, you can view all of the other amazing texts we've read. 

Our mission: Improving instruction for ELs one book at a time. We pride ourselves on being a truly phenomenal network of intelligent, talented, and wonderful people who work in different capacities of education. Our common ground is our passion for ELs and making their educational experiences the best  and most effective they can be. 

This round, we are looking forward to bridging a novel study with our passion for ELs. In addition to discussing the book, we will be discussing how reading this text influences our teaching and how we think and interact with students. 

My goal is to use Kyelene Beer's BHH framework for reflection. 

BHH = Book Head Heart

I've made some adjustments of her questions to fit our specific chat.

In the book:
What is happening in the story?
What are the characters experiencing?
  What details are important?
What does the author want the reader to know?

In your head:
What connections can you make between the story and what you know about teaching (specifically teaching ELs)?
What in the story challenges your thinking about teaching ELs?
What in the story confirms your thinking about teaching ELs?
How might you adjust your instruction for ELs based on this story?

In your heart:
What did you learn about yourself as a teacher by reading this section?
·      How will reading this text help you be a better teacher?
What connections can you make between the book characters and students you teach/have taught?
How might you adjust your interactions/relationship with ELs after reading this book?

Questions will be posted each Friday for the following week. I have wonderful helpers contributing questions this round (THANK YOU!!) and per usual, any reflections, book snaps, comments, and questions are welcome!

Let's get started with a few Flip Grid responses!


Friday, January 26, 2018

Text Resources

This week's section focuses on the (R)ead portion of Talk Read Talk Write. One of the essential components of this entire structure is having a text relating to the content objectives that is appropriate for your students. 

Nancy lists many great resources, so I am including what she wrote in this section of the texts, with links (and a few of my own comments) included. 

1. Existing curriculum-use texts from curricula that you have easy access to. 

2. Online Resources Weekly news magazine addressing a wide range of topics for students in grades K-6. Current events articles connected to Common Core ELA, science, and social studies topics. Intended for students in grades K-12. Articles addressing current events, science, kids, money, law, health, arts, sports. Each article is offered at several different Lexile levels and some articles are offered in Spanish. Teachers can create text sets as well of articles with related topics. Intended for students in grades 6-12. There is also a newsela elementary version Author and teacher who posts an "article of the week" intended to build students' background knowledge. Intended for students in grades 9-12. Twice daily AP news articles. Lexile leveled for K-12. Critical thinking questions and self-scoring quizzes also available. News website about natural health and other science-related topics. In addition to articles, this website offers Infographics, cartoons, and videos. Intended for grades 6-12. 100% of the content on the website is created and submitted by teens. Writing, art, photos, and forums for and by teens about topics they are connected to. Intended for grades 6-12. 

3. Student notes:students read their own notes

4. Teacher-created Text: Rather than delivering content verbally, the teacher constructs a text for student to read that includes the pertinent information. Although time consuming, teachers can ensure that the text aligns to the greatest extent possible to the content objective being addressed. 

You can also check out this post by Larry Ferlazzo called The Best Places to get the "Same" Text Written for Different "Levels"

And, one more I came across when searching: 

"News-2-You is a wonderful website full of great stories and headlines from news around the world. N2Y dedicates it's time to connecting students to the world. The topics are contemporary and adaptable in the classroom. N2Y is interactive as it provides auditory guidance through reading passages. N2Y also provides visual images and symbols to support the topic students are reading. N2Y topics provide quizzes, opinion questions, and recipes for food that would relate to the topic.

Welcome to #EllChat_BkClub!

Interested in participating in #EllChat_BkClub?  Take a peek a this quick video by Tan Huynh For more information about using T...